DailyHaiga Special Feature, February 10th, 2016

“My work is my expression about the most memorable memories about Yogyakarta, and a village in the southern Yogyakarta, where I stayed in my school holidays at my grandfather’s house. Yogyakarta is my hometown, where I was born and grew until my adolescence. Pojok Beteng for instance, was my everyday outdoor playground. Making batik woman was my neighbour I was always happy to see her in my childhood. Mount Merapi I saw every day. Riding a buffalo was the most exciting time when I lived in grandfather’s village, where kedasih (plaintive cuckoo, Cacomantis merulinus lanceolatus) often appeared and would make the village feel gloomy when it sang.” (Interview by Ken Sawitri for Daily Haiga Special Feature: Kampung Halaman, Haiku and Haiga from Indonesia)


About jimat achmadi

Jimat Achmadi was born in Yogyakarta. He was worked as make-up artist for Teater Ketjil (Jakarta) and Teater Koma (Jakarta), winner of "In The Name of Love" a poetic essay painting competition on The Issues of Discrimination and Religions (2012). Member of the United Haiku and Tanka Society since 2014. Some of Jimat's notes published as poems in "Cattails", World Haiku Association (WHA) Haiga Contest, and "One Sentence Poems". Jimat’s drawings and photographs have been published as haiga and shahai/photo-haiku in "A Hundred Gourds", "Akitsu Quarterly", "Bregengemme", "Cattails", "DailyHaiga", "DIOGEN", "Failed Haiku, a journal of English Senryu", "HAIGAOnline", "Hedgerow", "Prune Juice", "The Urban Halcyon", "The Zen Space", “Wild Plum”, and selected in the World Haiku Association (WHA) Haiga Contest In collaboration with Ken Sawitri, two of their haiga have been awarded as the Editor’s Choice in "Cattails, collected works of United haiku and Tanka Society (UHTS)", May 2014 Edition and September 2014 Edition. On February 2016, their collaboration are featured in "DailyHaiga" Special Feature: "Kampung Halaman, Haiku and Haiga from Indonesia, Haiga by Ken Sawitri and Jimat Achmadi". Until October 2016, two of his photographs chosen by Michio Nakahara to be exhibit in the NHK World 'HAIKU MASTERS' Gallery and TV Program.

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